The Author

The author of “Greetings From Camp Davis” is a History and Geography Instructor at Bladen Community College in Dublin, NC. Cliff has written for Our State magazine and his first book, “Threshold of Freedom: Lenoir County, NC During the Civil War,” was published by the Lenoir County Historical Association in 2002. Prior to teaching college full-time, he worked for the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources and instructed history and geography courses for East Carolina University and several community colleges as an adjunct instructor. He received a MA Degree in History from East Carolina University and he earned a BA Degree in History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Cliff’s interest in Camp Davis dates to his childhood days in eastern North Carolina, when he became fascinated with the chimneys and abandoned streets of the long-vanished base. His grandfather, a farmer and carpenter from Lenoir County, helped construct buildings at Camp Davis in the winter of 1940-1941. The research for this book began almost ten years ago and was conducted when precious free-time permitted.

“The experience of interviewing the WWII vets and civilians associated with Camp Davis was an experience that I’ll never forget.” It is hoped that this “labor of love” will help preserve and illuminate the fascinating and important history of Camp Davis.


Cliff in Holly Ridge
Cliff & Morris Bass @ Camp Davis 75th Anniversary Event
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